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Ascenders / Rope Grab

Ascenders / Rope Grab
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Chest Ascender

Description:Used as a Chest Ascender in rope access and rope rescue ascending techniques. Normally fitted to the chest point on the harness and used in conjunction wi..

R879.41 Ex Tax: R764.70

Handle Ascender

Description:The Handle Ascender is designed for mechanical rope ascending purposes and can be used for rope access, rope rescue and advanced fall arrest rescue. It is usu..

R1,023.16 Ex Tax: R889.70

Back-Up Device

Description:The Back-Up device was specifically designed as a mobile fall arrestor, for use in rope access, fall arrest and work positioning. This device will run fre..

R1,407.03 Ex Tax: R1,223.50

Rope Grab

Description: The Rope Grabs is a heavy duty mechanical ascender specifically designed for hauling and complex pulley systems. The device is easy to open and close th..

R580.06 Ex Tax: R504.40