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Fall Arrest, Rope Access, Life Lines & Rescue Complete Kits

Fall Arrest, Rope Access, Life Lines & Rescue Complete Kits
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No Limits Fall Arrest Kit

Description: The No-Limits Fall arrest kit was designed with the professional fall arrest worker in mind. The harness comes complete with a fall arrest and work posi..

R4,349.76 Ex Tax: R3,782.40

Fall Arrest Supervisor Kit

Description:The Fall Arrest Supervisor kit is a combination of the rope access basic kit and an advanced fall arrest rescue kit. The combination of both these types o..

R24,143.22 Ex Tax: R20,994.10

Rope Access Basic Kit

Description:The Rope Access Basic Kit is a ready to use personal rope access system. With this kit the individual technician will be able to perform all types of basic ro..

R14,459.53 Ex Tax: R12,573.50

Rope Access Professional Kit

Description:The Rope Access professional kit has the exact same basic components as the basic kit but in addition the kit comes complete with access ropes and anchoring e..

R19,399.47 Ex Tax: R16,869.10

20m Temporary Horizontal Life Line

Description:The HSG Horizontal Temporary Life line of 20m is the only temporary life line system with a unique built in shock absorber that has been tested and confor..

R2,998.51 Ex Tax: R2,607.40

Temporary Vertical Life Line

Description:The temporary vertical life line kit is a fall arrest system that allows faster vertical movement when working at height. This is a rope based life line k..

R2,119.11 Ex Tax: R1,842.70

Adjustable Anchor Line

Description:The Low Fall Arrest System was designed for a person who is working at a relatively low height and there are no anchor points to attach a fall arrest syst..

R7,469.94 Ex Tax: R6,495.60

Basic Snatcher Rescue Kit

Description:The Snatcherâ„¢ Self Rescue Kit is designed for fall arrest rescue situations where small teams can perform their own rescue when a victim is not injured an..

R6,290.16 Ex Tax: R5,469.70

Snatcher Remote Fall Arrest Rescue Kit

Description:The Remote Fall Arrest Rescue Kit is designed for post fall arrest rescue situations when the victim is unconscious and out of reach. The system comes com..

R14,626.39 Ex Tax: R12,718.60

Haultrack System

Description: The Haultrack System is a small manual hauling system designed for lifting a victim for very short distances, specifically during post fall arrest pick ..

R5,558.07 Ex Tax: R4,833.10