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First Aid Manikins

First Aid Manikins

Here you will find a wide range of training manikins.

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Practi-Man Advanced - CPR Torso Manikin

Uniquely designed dual-function Adult and Child CPR Training TorsoSwitch between modes with manual dialDial adjusts both the depth of compressions and volume of ventilati..

R4,267.88 Ex Tax: R3,711.20

Practi-Baby - CPR Manikin

Besides receiving an Infant CPR Manikin that is unique, extremely realistic, very competitively priced and offers very cost-effective replacement parts, you..

R4,409.10 Ex Tax: R3,834.00

Practi-Family - CPR Torso Manikins

The Practi-Family combines the Practi-Man Advanced Dual Adult/Child torso with the Practi-Baby Infant CPR Manikin to cover all your CPR training needs in an extremely..

R8,263.90 Ex Tax: R7,186.00